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    BMPRO ControlNode 103 & Sensor Kit Package

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  • On Sale, DO35-V3 plus DO35 Lock

    Cruisemaster DO35 and DO35 Lock Package

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  • 3.5t Combination Pintle Hook – 6t Ring Coupling

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  • 50A Connector Voltmeter

    50A Connector Voltmeter Assembly Cover

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  • CM511 Pintle Hook Adaptor

    Pintle Hook Tow Bar Adaptor (Cast)

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  • Cruisemaster 2t Bearing Kit

    Cruisemaster 2t Bearing Kit

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  • ControlNode103 Bluetooth link

    ControlNode103 Bluetooth Link

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  • OdysseyLink103 communication centre


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  • smarttemp

    Bluetooth Temperature Sensor

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  • Bluetooth Tyre Pressure Monitor

    Smart Tyre Pressure Monitor

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  • 50A Anderson Trailer Combination

    50A Anderson Trailer Plug Combination

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  • combination pintle hook

    Combination Pintle Hook – 3.5t Tow Ball – D-Value 33.6kN

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Read what our customers have to say about our products and services.
Lee Cookson19/07/22

Ordered an AL-KO 3500kg Off-Road hitch for delivery to the UK. Unfortunately damaged by the Carrier. Special mention for Josh, exceptional customer service, he promptly shipped a replacement, with the second one I ordered.

Tuncay Is03/05/22

Called from Vic to seek advice re flipping axle on my caravan. Gentleman on phone extremely helpful. Thank you

Coralee McCarthy23/03/22

Amazing service from Joel. He had all our required caravan break parts on TNT in less then 6 hours. Would highly recommend this company!!

Steve Wotherspoon05/03/22

Great tool to send your battery condition voltages and wattage to your battery management systems. Simple pairing connects the shunt to the BMS.

BC300 incl Commlink Image
BC300 incl Commlink
Jack Parkinson26/07/21

Required some new bearings for my boat trailer. Called around and the team at couplemate seemed the most helpful and wasn't disappoint! These guys are great, very knowledgeable and helpful, also reasonably priced. Would highly recommend.

Andy Krohn26/07/21

These guys know there stuff when it comes to trailers. Caitlin and Bruce knew the parts I needed just from a few photos and everything was present and correct when collected. Lots of advise given which was needed on my part. The only down side I had was Steve the owner was not the best in customer service when he answered the phone but once I got Brice on the line things were great.

Tuberworks Jones26/07/21

Well the guy who attended to my situation seemed a bit of a crank,and said at first he didn't have what I wanted as my jokey wheel was outdated. But then he seemed to have a change of mind and I appealed to his better nature and he decided that there maybe one out back and he motivated to go look for my item,which in a short time he found exactly what I wanted. I was lucky I think as it was one of the last of its kind. These trailer places all seemed a bit short with me but this was one place where there was some help available, albeit with using some subtle communication skills. To get to the point I walked out a happy man, as I got what I needed at a reasonable price . This prompts me to give 4 stars for this business. Thankyou sir ,I say

Kevin Sharman26/07/21

Had the parts in stock Prices are some time a little bit more than I expected

Tash R21/07/21

Very helpful, friendly staff. Took the time to explain everything in detail and check over our trailer to ensure the products were going to be right for us.

Lukasz Lukaszewicz21/07/21

Bruce, Steve and Chris provide great service and are very knowledgeable, have been purchasing products from the same team for over 10 years and Couplemate trailers have always been able to supply the heavy duty gear needed for my applications.

Kevin Sharman21/07/21

Had the parts in stockPrices are some time a little bit more than I expected


Thanks Steve..... I think I will replace all the bushes, install new shockies (I see one is leaking) then check again. If still out I will get it done as I am not confident to weld axle onto plate.
Will head down to Wynnum to get shock absorbers etc and see how it goes.
Thanks again.

How to Align Caravan Wheels Image
How to Align Caravan Wheels

Morning Steve.
I am scrubbing tyres on my tandem axle caravan and, following your advice in an earlier blog, checked alignment with a straight edge. I found the rear right hand wheel to be 20mm further back from the coupling point compared to the left hand side.
My problem is, how can I move it because the centre pin prevents movement. The centre pin is located into a plate welded onto the axle.
Should I just buy new springs as the van is 15 years old. It's a light van (1680kg) and definately not over loaded.
Just discovered Couplemate and am really find your website helpfull,,,,Thank you. Regards Roger.

How to Align Caravan Wheels Image
How to Align Caravan Wheels
Nathan Mooney09/04/21

These guys are legends!!!! Thank you so much for your help today really appreciate it thank you

Adam Mitchell26/02/21

Great product, I find them really easy to install and they made a huge difference to trailer. Very limited bounce and reduced any rattling.

Caravan Shock Absorbers plus Hanger Kit Image
Caravan Shock Absorbers plus Hanger Kit
Trevor Moss23/02/21

Excellent service by all those I spoke to in their office section. They went out of their way to help me with problems I had with my trailer.
I highly recommend their service.

Steve Wotherspoon03/02/21

Hello Bill,

Overlay axles can be inverted on Caravans and Trailers provided they are not used in an offroad situation. Normal highway use does not apply unforeseen forces on stub axle welds, however, additional shock loading forces can occur offroad. We do not recommend inverting overlays in this situation.

How to raise a Caravan or Trailer Suspension Image
How to raise a Caravan or Trailer Suspension
Robert Culbert26/12/20

I bought one of these Dust Cap Dolleys a few months ago, best Purchase ever, makes removal and refitting of Dust Caps a breeze, no more damaged Dust Caps while trying to replace them on the Hubs,I thoroughly recommend this Tool.

Dust Cap Dolly - SL, Parallel, 2t Image
Dust Cap Dolly - SL, Parallel, 2t
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