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  • alko electric brake shoe

    Electric Brake Shoes

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  • alko electric offroad brake magnet

    Electric Brake Magnets

    $24.50$209.76 inc GST
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  • 10-inch Electric Brake al-ko dexter kit

    10-inch Electric Backing Plate Brake Kit

    $77.43$158.50 inc GST
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  • 12-inch backing plates al-ko dexter off-road

    12-inch Electric Backing Plate Brake Kit

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  • Sale! electric brake conversion kit unbraked caravans

    Electric Trailer Brake Conversion Kit

    $319.00$394.50 inc GST
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  • Breakaway Brake Kit brake

    Breakaway Brake Kit and Parts

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  • bluetooth breakaway switch

    TrailSafe Bluetooth Breakaway Switch

    $199.00 inc GST
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  • Trailcheck Breakaway Monitor

    Trailcheck Bluetooth Breakaway Dash Monitor

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  • alko brake cable kit

    Al-ko Brake Cable Kit

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  • Electric Brake Magnets 24v

    24v Electric Brake Magnet

    $68.60 inc GST
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Caravan Electric Brake Parts

Electric brakes are a great choice on medium-duty trailers like caravans and car trailers. Couplemate carries a large selection of caravan electrical brake shoes and spare parts to keep your brake system in peak condition.

In 2017, Couplemate ceased the importation of brake drums for caravans. Instead, drum castings were commissioned in an Australian Foundry and machined in our CNC Lathes within our Wynnum facility.

Brake drums and associated equipment can be purchased below

  • 10-inch Electric Brake Drum 254mm
  • Electric Parallel Brake Drum
  • Electric Brake Conversion Kit

If you plan to travel the outback, you will need parts like Al-ko off-road springs and a good set of brakes on your trailer to ensure premium brake performance.

Some Key Info On Electric Trailer Brake Parts

At Couplemate, we make our caravan electric brake spares to suit 10-inch and 12-inch electric brakes. In our experience, the most common replacements include brake shoes and electromagnets.

Brake fade is the most common cause of replacement.

Electric Brake Shoes

Electric brake shoes are not self-aligning. Adjust the brake shoes until they are tight and the wheel is locked to prevent turning when installing new brake shoes. The factory setting is 13 turns from fully closed, but you may need more or less when replacing new shoes.

New shoes may be slightly thicker; the 13 clicks rule only works on new electric brakes but gives you an idea of what to expect during brake adjustment.

Why do dirt roads destroy Electric Brakes?

Another electric part you’ll need to replace is the electromagnet. Most importantly, check the magnet arm. If it is wobbly on its pivot point, replace it. A worn magnet arm will give you both inconsistent braking and poor braking.

At Couplemate, we also stock a wide range of caravan brake parts such as springs, clips, magnet brake levers, and park brake levers. Today, most people replace the electric backing plate as a more accessible alternative to replacing individual components.

It’s hard to find help if your trailer or 4WD parts break down unexpectedly. But there’s no need to worry – call Couplemate, and we’ll do our best to deliver spare caravan electric brake parts to you, wherever you are!

Finally, when looking for reputable caravan spare parts near you, look no further than the stockists listed in our store locator.

Electric Caravan and Alko Trailer Brake Parts